EloGrade is a tool to objectively rate photographs and photographers. Our aim is to have the EloGrade of a photo become an authoritative rating. To get started, signup on EloGrade and begin by submitting a photo.

Our Goal

Our immediate goal is to provide a useful photo rating tool, but we want to strive for more than that.

The long term goal of EloGrade is to strive for a world where someone can make statements like "I just took an EloGrade 8 photo last weekend" and have others know how good of a photo he took. Or for someone to be able to say "I am a beginner, but I was taking quite a lot of EloGrade 7 photos even before picking up an SLR" and have that be meaningful to others.

Cost of using EloGrade (Free!)

EloGrade is currently completely free to use. The free usage, however, is subject to an increasing burden of comparisons for the community. So as you use EloGrade more, you need to do more comparisons for others. Currently, there is no way to mitigate that effect.

Why use EloGrade

Unlike most conventional photo rating sites online where the ratings tend to be highly subjective and inconsistent, EloGrade strives to be an authoritative and objective rating for photographs and photographers. EloGrade ratings are consistent but also show meaningful distance between different ratings. For a more in depth description of EloGrade check out the theory and philosophy document.

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